In-context AI assistant for macOS
The best way to improve writing, reading, and creating
Requires macOS Mojave 10.15 or higher, Get Intel chip version
Powerful toolbar, extremely lightweight
System-level toolbar can be activated at any time, making your reading and editing easier
Lightweight and easy to use
Say goodbye to the trouble of switching between multiple platforms
Can be started anywhere
Through the shortcut key Command + E, invokable from any app
Focus on text content
Works on any given selected piece of texts, reimagine your reading or writing experience
Small tool, big change
  • No need to worry about typos before sending an email
  • No need to worry about not understanding what the other person is saying
  • No need to worry about not being able to write beautiful copy
  • Now, it’s time to change!
    Improve writing
    Make shorter
    Change tone
    Fix spelling & grammar
    Simplify language
    Unsure? Just ask
    AI is not omnipotent, but with it, you will become more powerful. When you are confused, this will be the fastest way for you to break through the boundaries of cognition
    Language is not a barrier
    English Chinese Japanese
    Organize knowledge fragments
    Every time you choose a text, it will become your knowledge accumulation
    Unlimited capabilities, at an affordable price
    All users can use a certain amount for free, and you can pay to upgrade when needed
    $0/ month
    Free fixed quota
    What you get
    Core features, including: summarization, editing optimization, translation, search ...
    Use basic AI models, such as GPT 3.5
    Use free limit
    1 device used
    Haye Pro
    Stress-free access to all paid features and AI capabilities, while enjoying early exploration capabilities
    $9.99/ month
    Two Iced Caramel Macchiatos per month
    What you get
    Use excellent models such as GPT4.0, Llama-3, Mixtral at lower cost
    Maximize use of all features
    Function call capability
    2 devices used
    The price of two cups of coffee a month, but what it can bring you is efficiency that you can’t buy with the money of 100 cups of coffee. Haye is worth having
    Frequently asked questions
    In this FAQ section you can find some details about our services
    How does it work
    You can download our application from the Apple Store or our official website, and then install the application on your macOS, so that you can use it. The first time you use it, you need to complete the account registration. After registration, use the shortcut keys “Command + E” can call up our application, or you can call it up with the same shortcut key when selecting a text.
    How do I get updates
    You can update through the Apple Store. For non-Apple Store versions, we will provide automatic upgrade functionality. You only need to click on the update when prompted to get the latest version. To ensure the normality of the service, we recommend always keeping your application version up to date.
    What models are supported
    We currently provide GPT 3.5 version, and through my repeated debugging, we believe that the current version is basically adequate for most text processing tasks, as well as better adapting to different scenarios. Of course, we will also release GPT 4.0 version soon and provide more capabilities for integrating large models when the software is more mature.
    What information does Haye collect
    We prioritize personal privacy and do not have the authority to access any data generated by users. However, in order to meet the software's development and optimization needs, we will collect some software usage logs to ensure better updates and bug fixes.
    Why is there no free version
    We are an efficiency tool. We hope to use such a tool to help everyone improve productivity, so we will continue to optimize product details to achieve a good product experience. This will invest a lot of our energy, and at the same time, we will also use large models. It costs us a lot of resources. In order to enable the healthy and sustainable development of the software, we decided to only provide the paid version.
    What's the refund policy
    After the application is officially launched, we will open multiple sets of payment channels, so we will implement the refund strategy according to the payment channels, such as: Apple Store refund method.
    What systems will he support
    To provide a better product experience, we are currently focusing on developing the macOS version and have fully adapted to the overall ecosystem of macOS. In the future, we will gradually introduce versions for other systems. Our goal is to strive to maintain complete alignment with the design principles of different systems, rather than simply porting the software, so this will require more time to complete.
    Is it Electron app
    Yes, this is an electron application, and we will do Native and Electron development, which allows us to always maintain a lightweight development mode while also having some macOS development features.
    Built for all knowledge workers, also built for the future
    Requires macOS Mojave 10.15 or higher, Get Intel chip version